About us

M-Power is developed and supported in Australia and focussed on making your business more efficient
through simplifying, standardising and automating

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Our Vision
At the heart of our mission is our belief that you can make your business more efficient and profitable if you standardise and simplify your products and processes and work towards automation. There is nothing new about this idea; the best companies have focussed on automation since Henry Ford invented the assembly line and revolutionalised car manufacture.

The challenge comes when you are a "job shop" - where each new job is custom and different. This way of manufacturing is the reality for sign companies, print and display companies and many general manufacturers. Job shop manufacturing has many challenges, and scheduling is one of those. There are so many combinations of different processes that it is numerically impossible to schedule effectively. Academically this is called the "NP Hardness problem."

We work to overcome these challenges by applying a method we call the "M-Power Way". Using the M-Power Way, we systematically break down your business processes into building blocks that we can automate using manual and software methods. The M-Power Way synergises ideas of business processes in ISO9001 and lean manufacturing concepts.
Our Journey
M-Power is proud to be Australian-owned and developed. We started as an in-house MIS solution for an industrial printing company in the mid-1990s and took on our first commercial clients in 2006. We have invested heavily and embraced the opportunities of a cloud-based future. Best practice in manufacturing has always driven our development.

While we intimately understand the printing, packaging and signage industry, our most prominent clients are elsewhere in manufacturing. These include multinationals such as Cook Medical Australia and Pepsico (Quaker Oats). Our approach and architecture are unique and allow us to work across many industries without compromise.

Our ability to automate the combination of a bill of materials and process workflows (which we call a recipe) means we can significantly simplify complex production workflows. When things are simple, they are easy to use and set up, and that is one of our key goals. Our development team is talented and fast-moving, allowing us to tailor the system to clients if that is their goal.

These are our goals

To make our software
easy to use
To improve your efficiency
through automation
To integrate with the
best of class
Provide excellent service
and support
To future proof
our clients businesses
To strive for best practice
in manufacturing workflow

Meet the Executive Team

Nigel Davies

Nigel is the founder of M-Power Software. He has extensive manufacturing experience and is qualified with a B.Com (Hons) degree and a Master of Commerce degree in Organisation Theory. Nigel is the President of the FESPA Australia Association - a leading association in the printing industry. Nigel manages the installation and consulting team. With his business experience, he is skilled at understanding what you wish to achieve and working with you to ensure that the solution is practical and suited to your needs

Cameron Scott
Chief Technology Officer

Cameron has a long practical experience in manufacturing and is an accomplished full-stack developer with experience across many platforms and programming languages. Cameron is tasked with future-proofing M-Power and managing our AWS Server Infrastructure through new technologies. He also works on our integrations with software like Xero, MYOB, Pressero, Enfocus Switch, Woocommerce and others.

Ambrin Begum
Senior Software Engineer

Qualified with a Master of Information Technology, Ambrin is a skilled full-stack developer with a passion for cloud-based computing. Ambrin is customer-centric and loves working with our clients and applying software to solve their problems. Ambrin focuses on guiding our clients towards the opportunities of Industry 4.0 and has received industry awards for her efforts.