M-Power Workflow


M-Power workflow is a subset of the M-Power MIS that that allows companies to track workflow and to realise opportunities for process improvement.

It is based on the premise that within all organisations there is a sequence of tasks that are undertaken to achieve the output of the organisation. In manufacturing a printed poster this might be:

      • Artwork
      • Digital Printing
      • Laminating
      • Cutting to size
      • Packing

While the tasks are different, processing loan applications, insurance claims and other paperwork systems all share the same key elements and by tracking some key data points it is possible to determine a wide range of critical data. These include for instance

      • Staff productivity
      • Resource bottlenecks
      • The location and status of a job within the organisation
      • End to end processing times and predicted schedule
      • Report the true workflow compared to the predicted workflow
      • Report the true job cost
      • Provide baselines for monitoring productivity improvement

M-Power workflow works beside your existing systems and in its simplest form simply requires staff to scan two barcodes on receipt of a new task. It is a web based system consisting of:

  • A Data Collection tool - usually barcode scanning.
  • A Visual Analysis tool - to see your real-time key performance indicators
  • A Work-In-Progress Dashboard -  so report the status of all task across the organisation
  • A Scan display - a real-time display showing how is working on what at any particular time