M-Power MIS


M-Power MIS is a fully featured MIS that is ideal for small to medium sized manufacturing businesses. It manages the full range of business activities from the first client contact through to quoting, job cards and invoicing. It exports through MYOB, XERO and Quickbooks.

M-Power MIS is the flagship of the M-Power brand and is used by many businesses across diverse industries. Our clients include Signage & Printing companies, Waste Oil refineries, Fertiliser manufacturers, medical component manufacturers, and agricultural companies.




Our key strength is a structure that recognises that all companies share 90% of their 'DNA' however the ability to uniquely cater for that last 10% is central to the efficiency of companies.

Our design allows us to dynamically customise your user interface so that when a user opens a form (for instance an order form) they will seamlessly see either a standard form, a form tailored for your industry or a custom form designed specifically  for your company. The same system allows us to hide any part of a form, or change any text so that the user interface is familiar to your users and free of unnecessary elements.

In this way M-Power can be as simple or as complex as required by your company, and this makes the software more user friendly.


M-Power for Large Companies


Large companies such as multinationals often have corporate MIS's whose choice was heavily influenced by corporate governance and compliance requirements. These systems are not often optimal for managing internal workflow. 

In these situations M-Power can operate as a flexible 'system within a system' and inherit the core data of companies, employees, jobs, processes from the main MIS and provide users with powerful tools to improve their efficiency. 

If you find you a continually entering duplicate data into a multitude of different spreadsheets, it is highly likely that M-Power can make a difference