We designed m-power to make quoting simple, accurate, and consistently calculated among the team. We aim to enhance your sales success by building a quoting workflow that makes it easy to manage, price and convert quotation requests.


Quotation Requests

Often quotation requests are emailed to you or one of your team, and they are hard to track and manage. Our solution is to provide a dedicated email address so you can forward the email directly to the system. The team can see all new quote requests and share the load. M-Power has tools to read the email and make a new quote with minimal data entry. The original client email is copied forward to the quotation for reference


Pricing jobs is challenging when each job you quote is different. Often software systems are inflexible and can't deal with the variety you see in your work.

M-Power makes quoting easy using product recipes. Recipes are like spreadsheets and list the materials and processes you need to cost that product. Each time you add a product to the quote, the system copies the pricing recipe forward so you can adjust it for the job.

We save time using wizards to ask questions that pre-fill the pricing recipe. It doesn't matter how simple or detailed your pricing formulas are; you treat a recipe like a calculator or use our built-in automation.

Using product recipes has other advantages. They guide team members through pricing so costs are not missed. Your job card and work instructions come from the recipe, and we base scheduling on the process times.

Product recipes allow clients to price their work using a dedicated Business-to-business portal. Your products can be displayed and purchased from your website using our WooCommerce WordPress connector.

Quote Approvals

You can send your quotations to clients using email. Clients can click a link that takes them to an approval page where they can approve the quote online and record any comments.

Quotation Followups

Your conversion rates are improved when you have a system to contact clients to see how they received your quote. You may find that they did not receive the quotation, or you have misunderstood their requirements. M-Power makes effective followups easy by including all the tools you need in one place.

Conversion Rates

Improving quote conversion rates is the goal of all sales organisations. M-Power tracks your conversions and shows them on dashboards that motivate all in the office.