Quotations play a critical role in securing future business.  Quotations that are returned promptly and professionally presented reflect well on your business. Conversely quotations that are inaccurate can hurt profitability. 

M-Power  has been designed to allow operators to prepare accurate quotations with minimal effort. The system is very flexible, allowing you to define your own unique processes regardless of what they may involve. The key to the flexibility and ease of use is a system of templates that takes away much of the 'legwork' involved in doing a quote.

A template is simply a skeleton of all materials and labour processes that are required to make a given product. Templates can developed from scratch, or copied from any previous job in the system. 

Once developed they are available for use in both orders and quotations. An effective template also allows trained staff to detail their expertise and knowledge in a way where it can be used by less trained staff. 

A template can be as simple or as complex as required.


Converting a Quote to an Order

The quote is converted to an order with '1 click' of a button

All materials and processes are transferred so the work instruction is complete and can be printed immediately.

The shop floor bar coding system ensures that you can compare the accuracy of  your quote estimates against the actual timings and material usage. This creates a feedback loop that ensures that you are basing your quotations on a true understanding of your cost structure.

The estimated timings can carry through to your production schedule for capacity balancing.