Running out of materials during a job can be costly.  M-Power provides all the tools to streamline your purchasing system from start to finish.


Raising a Purchase Order 

Purchase orders can be raised and completed almost instantly with '1 click' while processing an order.

Ambiguous descriptions are avoided as the item specification, price & part number is drawn automatically from the description in inventory - Saving time and improving order accuracy!.

Purchase orders are tagged to jobs so that the costs of purchased or outsourced items/services are included within your job cost reports.


Managing Inwards Goods 

A simple interface allows shop floor staff to receive goods in a controlled way, they simply enter the purchase order number and check the items delivered against the purchase order description.

Inventory levels are updated automatically when the items are received

Reports and forms make it easy to identify which items are overdue and require following up.


Quality System Components 

ISO9001:2000 compliance is simplified with the following components integrated within the system:

An "Approved Subcontractors" list prompts a questionnaire (as an option) if a supplier has not be approved within the system.

Reports are available that details delivery reliability and other KPI's of supplier performance.

The purchase order item specification is drawn directly from inventory to ensure consistency and minimise ambiguity.