Job Cards

Detailed, clear and complete job cards / work instructions are essential to ensure that orders are manufactured correctly. In our view work instructions should carry the accumulated expertise and knowledge of key staff. They should also include all the information necessary for staff to complete the job without further consultation. Work instructions are also commonly known as "Job Tickets", "Job Cards" or "Works Orders".

M-Power's system for work instructions is a powerful and flexible tool and can make a real difference on the factory floor. Here are some of the key features.

  • Using a system of templates, each new order is processed and a work instruction template is automatically 'attached' to it.
  • Once a work instruction has been created, it can be modified and used for others jobs with minimal data entry - the most complex job can be processed quickly.
  • Work instructions can be as simple or as complex as you need - if a section is not needed, it won't print.
  • If you permit, trained factory staff can update work instructions with their own notes - the work instruction become more comprehensive over time.
  • The work instructions carry the bar codes needed for shop floor costing and updating of work-in-progress.
  • Formulas automatically calculate material requirements accurately, and predict the time processes are expected to take. This is an important aid to scheduling.
  • Repeat jobs can be printed almost instantaneously
  • If the order quantity changes, the system automatically recalculates the material and labour requirement