M-Power MIS Features

The following table lists some general features available within the M-Power MIS. 

While the system is comprehensive, we recognise that smaller companies do not require all features and the subscription structure reflects this. We strive for a simple user friendly interface and wherever possible we use our tools to hide unnecessary elements from users.

Some features are dependent on an appropriate IT configuration (hardware or software)


M-Power Feature List
Feature Description
Quoting A powerful and flexible system for estimating. Create custom quotes and email to clients
Orders & Work Instructions Enter client sales orders, Create and print work instructions for factory staff
Purchasing Create and email purchase orders
Inwards Goods Control  A system for receiving and verifying inwards goods
Work in Progress View jobs and Job status
Sales Pipeline & CRM Systematic management of sales leads and their status
Invoicing Create invoices automatically from jobs, and export to an integration partner such as MYOB
Dispatch Dockets Create dispatch dockets to send to clients
Price Lists The system can look up complex prices lists to determine prices for items used within quotes and sales orders
Task Management System for creating and allocating staff to tasks
Projects  A system for grouping jobs, people and timings under projects
Inventory Control Managing raw and finished goods inventory, and systems for building to stock
Scheduling Automatically assign job operations to a schedule to manage staff and machine resources
Factory Scanning System A system for scanning jobs on the factory floor for work-in-progress tracking, productivity and costing purposes
Knowledge Base An area when general notes can be stored and indexed
ISO 9001 Features A range of features to assist with ISO9001 compliance
Marketing List Management A system for managing clients and exporting to third party email systems such a Campaign Monitor. 
Client Portal An interface that allows your client to view order status, previous orders and quotes and do their own quotations
File Management A system that allows you to upload, link and embed files against jobs, quotes, items and customers