Sales Management


M-Power has powerful tools for managing your sales process. Essentially we believe that you 'manufacture' sales in the same way that you manufacture product. For this reason our tools for managing the sales pipeline incorporate many of the principles of manufacturing system - for instance 'events' automate and record many of the import steps in the sales process.

When you raise a quotation or receive an enquiry the system prompts you to add a sales lead to the sales pipeline. Each lead in the pipeline can be allocated a custom sales process - a sequence of steps which best reflects the leads value and future potential. This allows you to apply division of labour to the sales process and maximise sales person productivity.
Each task in a sales process workflow can be scheduled and allocated to sales support staff.  The completion of a task  can also activate triggers for other events, and checklists to ensure that each task on the sales process workflow is carried out according to best practice.
The system is easy to use and all the information is instantly available to assist in managing the client relationship. For instance the system can estimate the next order for a client based on historical order placement - this means that you can identify clients that have fallen out of their order cycle and take reactivate the relationship
M-Power Analytics allows you to analyse your sales performance from a single dashboard to ensure that you in touch with trends in your sales activity.