M-Power integrates with a number of other systems allowing you to work with the best system for a given part of your business. 




M-Power is a MYOB Developer partner and our software is tightly integrated to MYOB. The integration is real-time and in one direction. There is no need to export files and import them into MYOB - simply press a button and the invoice/bill or client appears in MYOB as if you have entered it manually. We have a number of systems to ensure that your M-Power and MYOB data stays in sync.

The key functionality is for the interface is

  • M-Power invoices exported to MYOB
  • M-Power Bills exported to MYOB
  • M-Power Clients are exported to MYOB
  • Variance reports are available to ensure that M-Power data matches MYOB Data




Quickbooks integration is currently limited to exporting invoices and requires QODBC third party product 


Xero Integration


Xero integration has a similar level of integration to MYOB




M-Power is a MIS partner to Pressero. Pressero is a powerful online shop that features a docbuilder which allows users to customise product online. We provide the following integration to Pressero webshops

  • Downloading orders and automated processing of orders through m-power
  • Dashboard showing new orders in Pressero
  • Uploading and synching of products to Pressero