Installation includes  the following processes:

  • hardware installation / or provisioning
  • Initial setup
  • Data migration from existing systems
  • Development of a workflow best suited to your company
  • Training of key staff

Installation is very important. M-Power consultants are industry experienced and formally qualified business consultants. We effectively ‘fit’ the M-Power system to your company and expose the business tools most appropriate for your workflow. We seek to minimize the changes required by staff in their transition to the new system.

The time required for installation obviously depends on the complexity of the company.  Our migration tools, videos and support site will allow a one user system to be up and running quickly.

For an established business the installation must be planned carefully. We guide you through this process with a combination of onsite and offsite services depending on your requirements.

After the initial installation it is often desirable to have followup training once staff are familiar with the interface