The system is installed on a PC or virtual machine, however you can access all of the functionality of the system through your Mac, Linux or Ipad environment - you simply access M-Power through a window on your desktop like any other program.
Flexible pricing plans are available to suit your needs. These include a monthly subscription which allows companies to adopt the system with minimal upfront cost. Alternatively outright purchase is possible. M-Power is designed to be affordable for small businesses while having the power and features required by larger businesses We will give you a cost estimate based on the number of users, how you intend to use the system and the level of support you require.
While we can install remotely, typically an installation will involve 3-4 days on site. This would include data migration, customising job cards etc and assisting with developing appropriate templates. The interface iitself is intuitive and most people will be able to search for and enter clients in the system within an hour..