About M-Power Software

M-Power is a fully-featured MIS ideal for small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses. It manages the full range of business activities from  CRM to quoting, production control, and invoicing. We tightly integrate with MYOB and XERO accounting systems.

Many of our clients are Sign, Print, and Display companies due to our founders' industry experience. We apply universal manufacturing principles, and our clients also include Pepsico, Cook Medical Australia, and other medical component manufacturers



M-Power is committed to making your business more efficient and profitable. We seek to achieve these outcomes in the following ways

  • Reduce the time required to perform everyday tasks such as quoting, jobs sheets, and invoicing. At the same time we seek to improve the consistency and accuracy of your data.

  • To have all business information in one place and to provide you with real-time information on your costs and productivity so you can make informed decisions and better understand how your business is traveling.

  • We aim to take the knowledge from people’s heads and put it in the system. This may improve the value of your business, makes it less vulnerable to staff changes, and make it easier for key staff to spend time away from, or building the business

  • Provide a framework for growth – putting systems in place that allow you to grow in a controlled way without the need to employ new staff unnecessarily.



In designing our software we are guided by the following core principles:

  • You can't manage what you can't measure. You need to collect and understand data to shape your decisions. 

  • It is important to 'Manage by exception'. There are too many variables in manufacturing to keep your eye on everything so you need a system to 'red flag' situations that need management involvement.

  • All information for a company should be in one system, or easily transferred between expert systems. If it is not, information has to be entered repeatedly and this causes inefficiencies and inaccuracies

  • By having the 'knowledge in the system' it is possible to delegate to lesser trained staff avoiding stress and bottlenecks.

  • Empowering staff is critical - real-time production data allows staff to understand how they are going and it provides the basis for continuous improvement.

  • You need to work on the business rather than work in it. This is often said, but few systems give you the tools to allow you to do it;- M-Power gives you these tools.